Over 4 decades ago Robert (Bob) Shuey started doing custom fiberglass, repairing Corvettes. He was soon asked by a few Recreational Vehicle manufactures if he would make parts for them. So in 1966 Custom Fiberglass was born. We have served these same initial customers for 42 years.

In 1971 Custom Fiberglass became Custom Manufacturing as their was demand from our RV manufacturing clients to create trim and other parts from plastic as well as fiberglass. At this point we started into the business of vacuum forming. We started with parts such as tub and fender skirts, but today we make much more.

In 1972 we moved to our present location. We survived a fire in 2003, from which we rebuilt our facilities even better than before. During the rebuilding phase we continued showing our commitment to our customers by continuing to run parts, even without a building. In the middle of winter operators would come to work in the morning and push the vacuum forming equipment out of storage buildings on wheels. They would then run a full day outside and push the machines back into the storage building at the end of the day.

We are currently a second generation, family run business. Bob is (mostly) retired and Custom Manufacturing continues moving forward with son Gary Shuey at the helm. The supervisors of both the fiberglass and the plastics shop have worked at Custom previously, did other things for close to 10 years and are now back again. They each have many years working at Custom Manufacturing due to a working environment which holds on to its employees in what is normally a high turnover type of work.

Today we make both fiberglass and plastic parts for many clients in a range of different industries. Whether you need something made to your specifications, or you need a replacement or repair part we would like to hear from you. In our products section we have an online store available to allow you to browse some of our parts. Some of them can be purchased directly from our store, and others require contact to ensure stock and to arrange shipping. If you wish to have a part custom made, we have a quote request form available under our common forms section.

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